Abstract: In this industrial case study we describe a new network troubleshooting analysis used by VPC Reachability Analyzer, an SMT-based network reachability analysis and debugging tool. Our troubleshooting analysis uses a formal model of AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) semantics to identify whether a destination is reachable from a source in a given VPC configuration. In the case where there is no feasible path, our analysis derives a blocked path: an infeasible but otherwise complete path that would be feasible if a corresponding set of VPC configuration settings were adjusted. Our blocked path analysis differs from other academic and commercial offerings that either rely on packet probing (e.g., tcptrace) or provide only partial paths terminating at the first component that rejects the packet. By providing a complete (but infeasible) path from the source to destination, we identify for a user all the configuration settings they will need to alter to admit that path (instead of requiring them to repeatedly re-run the analysis after making partial changes). This allows users to refine their query so that the blocked path is aligned with their intended network behavior before making any changes to their VPC configuration.